Welcome to the Thermomechanical Processing Research Team.


We are at the AGH University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Metals Engineering and Industrial Computer Science.


  • Book

    Janusz Majta Odkształcanie i własności. Stale mikrostopowe. Wybrane zagadnienia

  • Conference Proceedings

    Jan Kusiak, Janusz Majta, Danuta Szeliga Steel research international 14th International Conference Metal Forming

  • Chapters

    Janusz Majta, Krzysztof Muszka Modelling microstructure evolution and work hardening in conventional and ultrafine grained microalloyed steels  in Jianguo Lin, Daniel Balint, Maciej Pietrzyk Microstructure evolution in metal forming processes

  • Chapters

    Krzysztof Muszka, Janusz Majta, Multiscale Modeling of the Effrct of Very Large Strain on the Microstructure Evolution and Ductility of Microalloyed Steels  in Nicola Bonora, Eric Brown Numerical Modeling of Materials Under Extreme Conditions

  • Chapters

     Krzysztof Muszka, Janusz Majta Controlled Inhomogeneity of Deformation as a Tool to Produce Advanced Structural Materials in Daniel Hubbard Plastic Deformation: Processes, Properties and Applications